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The Blackout Syndrome

Science Websites

Access Excellence
"A Place in Cyberspace for Biology Teaching and Learning"
Access Excellence is a national educational program that provides high school biology teachers access to their colleagues, scientists, and critical sources of new scientific information via the Information Highway.

American Association of Immunologists
Visit the AAI website for the Journal of Immunology and the Map of the Human Genome. Or you can "Ask an Immunologist" for answers to real life immunology questions.

Base Camp Earth
Visit Base Camp Earth to experience expeditions by high schoolers into contemporary science issues. Expedition 3 focuses on epidemics and infectious diseases.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Visit the CDC website for information on infectious diseases of all kinds, including new and emerging diseases. The CDC website also has a repository for public health information.

World Health Organization Disease Outbreak News
The WHO website gathers the latest information on infectious diseases from all around the world.


Mystery Websites

Access Excellence Mystery Spot
More science mysteries like The Blackout Syndrome! Experience online mysteries on ecology and human health themes, and in "30-minute mystery" formats.

"The fun and challenging mystery website"
MysteryNet is the premiere mystery website on the Internet. It provides three FREE high-quality mysteries weekly including: a "Twist" surprise ending, a "Solve-it" mini-mystery, and a "Mysterious Photo" mystery. The Solve-it and Mysterious Photo mysteries both include a weekly contest with prizes.

Reconstructors at Rice University
This interactive activity site enables students to learn about infectious disease and science as they save the world of the future.

Sciencemystery creates and produces online science mysteries that successfully spark excitement about science and engage students in science learning. They do it on behalf of companies and organizations that share our goals of furthering science education via quality Internet content.
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An Access Excellence Science Mystery sponsored by Genentech, Inc.

The Blackout Syndrome was written by Ken Eklund, illustrated by Candace Lourdes, and produced by Newfront Communications.

Copyright © 1996 Newfront Communications. Artwork copyright © 1996 Candace Lourdes. All rights reserved. Do not duplicate or redistribute in any form.