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Health Activities
Health Activities

Project-Based Activities  Find project-based health activities for health or science classes.

Search Activities-to-Go Database three different ways

  1. Type "health" in the "Keyword" search bar on the Activities-to-Go to find the health related activities in this collection. You can narrow your search by adding other key words for example, type: health nutrition or health exercise. the search engine will list all activities that are related to both health and nutrition or both health and exercise.

  2. Find Activities by Grade Level, Subject and Special Categories by selecting appropriate grade level and, if you choose, a special category such as ESL, Cross-Age-Instruction, or Interdisciplinary.

  3. National Science Education Standards include "Personal and Community Health". To find activities which address this standard, select the NSES Standard "Science in Personal and Social Perspectives", then choose "personal and community health". Click search to see the list of all activities in the Activities-to-Go collection that address this standard.

Access Excellence Classic Collection Each chapter in the AE Classic Collection focuses on a single person or event by putting it into historical context and relating it to current health and science. Included in each unit is a set of suggested references, classroom activities, graphics, background paper and more.

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