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Health Activities

Health Talks

We recommend the following for those interested in health and the science behind the health.

  • The Living Skeleton: Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Heidi Bloom, Also, check out our "Living Skeleton" x-ray collection for a look at some healthy, diseased and broken bones.

  • Another Day, Another Neuron: Dr. Eric Chudler on becoming a neuroscientist  Learn what neuroscientists do and some of what they have learned as you join Dr. Chudler in this continuing discussion.

  • Free Radicals and Aging  Dr. Fredrick Sampson explains that in aging, every organ, every tissue and every cell is changed in some way. He distinguishes between average life span, age-associated diseases and the aging process itself and explains that length of the life span depends on many different types of lethal events.

  • How to Fix an Eye  Ivar Kljavin and Andrew Cuthbertson discuss some of the things that can go wrong with an eye and share recent developments on present and future treatments.

  •  Emerging Diseases  Dr. Donald P. Francis discusses his study of emerging diseases including A.I.D.S.

  • Allergies  Drs. Paula M. Jardieu, Robert Shields and Gerald Nakamura tell us what happens between the time an allergen enters our bodies until we experience allergic symptoms. Understanding this complex pathway is essential for the development of effective treatment to relieve or prevent symptoms.

  • Leeches  Drs. Bob Lazarus and Kevin Judice share how understanding mosquitos and leeches can lead to treatments for conditions which involve blood clotting (or not clotting).

  • Aging and Cancer: Are Telomeres and Telomerase the Connection?  Dr. Jerry W. Shay's goal has been to understand the cellular and molecular mechanisms of normal aging with the hope that such knowledge could ultimately increase human healthspan if not necessarily lifespan.

  • Aeroallergen Research with Dr. Kira Geraci  Dr. Geraci's research, and this discussion, focus on aeroallergens (airborne pollen and fungal spores) and allergies.
For more Talks, visit the Access Excellence SciTalk and Science Seminar collections.

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