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NHM Health Focus:
Liver Awareness Month

October 2009

Liver Health Resources
- How the Liver Works (LPCH)
- Caring for Your Liver (HFI)
- Liver Diseases (MedlinePlus, NLM)
- Hepatitis A,B, and C Prevention (IAC & HPP)
- Liver Cancer FAQ (NFC)
- Liver Disease (U.Kansas Liver Center)
- Drug Induced Hepatitis (MedlinePlus, NLM)
- Toxic Hepatitis (Mayo Clinic)
- Liver Transplantation (NIDDK, NIH)
- Living Donor Transplantation (Cedars-Sinai)
- Tylenol (Acetaminophen) Liver Damage (MedicineNet)

Liver Health Organizations
- American Liver Foundation
- Hepatitis Foundation International
- Children's Liver Disease Foundation


More than 25 million American men, women and children of every race and age group, are affected by some form of liver or biliary disease.

National Liver Awareness Month, sponsored by the American Liver Foundation, is designed to call attention to liver health and to raise awareness of the diseases that affect the liver and how many of these might be prevented.

Everything we eat, drink and breathe is processed through the liver, our body's filter. To learn what livers do, you can visit the National Digestive Diseases Information Clearing House (NDDIC) for an easily understood description or see the Merck Manual for a more technical description.

Hepatitis Foundation International (HFI) provides education, training programs, and materials for the public, patients, educators, and medical professionals about liver wellness and the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of viral hepatitis. Their Train-the-Trainer programs for counselors, teachers, nurses, and others working in hepatitis prevention and rehabilitation programs include simple but memorable messages about the liver – analogies shown to be effective in motivating people to avoid liver-damaging activities.

Liver health resources for kids and teens can be found at KidsHealth:Kids and KidsHealth:Teens.

Access Excellence @ the National Health Museum has these resources related to liver and liver health:

Health Headquarters: Question of the Week - Hepatitis ABC's
Health Headquarters: Question of the Week - Teen Alcohol
Health Headquarters: Question of the Week - Steroids
Health Headquarters: Question of the Week - Side Effects
Resource Center: About Biotech: - Gene Therapy, An Overview
Activities Exchange: Mystery Spot: - Arctica
Activities Exchange: Activities-to-Go: - Travel Brochure of the Body Systems
Activities Exchange: Fellows Collection: - An Inquiry Laboratory Activity for Biology
Let's Collaborate: Technology in Education - Enzyme Action: Testing Catalase Activity
Let's Collaborate: SciTalk - Regulation of Gene Expression: Building Transcriptional Regulatory Complexes

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