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NHM Health Focus:
Men's Health

June 2009

Men's Health Week logo

Tips for a Healthy Life for Men
    – Eat Healthy
    – Maintain a Healthy Weight
    – Get Moving
    – Be Smoke-Free
    – Get Routine Exams and Screenings
    – Get Appropriate Vaccinations

    – Manage Stress
    – Know Yourself and Your Risks
    – Be Safe - Protect Yourself
    – Be Good to Yourself
Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Men's Health Resources
    – Men's Health Network
    – Men's Health Topics (MedlinePlus, NLM)
    – Men's Health (CDC)
    – Men: Stay Healthy at Any Age (AHRQ)

Each year, the week up to and including Father's Day is celebrated as National Men's Health Week, the goal of which is to raise awareness of the importance of early detection and treatment on a broad range of health issues impacting men at work, home, and leisure.

Reliable health resources for men can be found on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Web site. Of special interest is the CDC Health Topic Men's Health that links to resources ranging from heart disease to water related injuries. A few of the issues impacting men's health currently highlighted by the CDC include:

      Prostate Cancer: A Screening Guide
      Prevention of Injuries
      Diethylstilbestrol (DES) Update

The "Men's Health Issues" section of MedLine Plus is divided into sub-sections that have information related to the Latest News, Diagnosis and Symptoms, Prevention and Screening, Specific Conditions and much more.

For statistics on Men's Health, visit the National Center for Health Statistics

Access Excellence @ the National Health Museum (AE@NHM) offers the following resources useful for understanding topics related to men's health issues:

Activities Exchange: Classic Collection - Vaccines -- How and Why?
Activities Exchange: Classic Collection - Demonstrating an Epidemic
Resource Center: Visual Library: - The Living Skeleton: a Tour of Human Bones
Whats News: Newsmaker Interview - The War Against Heart Disease
Health Headquarters: Question of the Week - The Heart
Health Headquarters: Question of the Week - Hyponatremia
Health Headquarters: Question of the Week - Smoking Bans
Health Headquarters: Question of the Week - Who has time to exercise?
What's News: Science Updates - Dysfunctional Cholesterol
What's News: Science Updates - Childhood Obesity, a Growing Problem Activities Exchange: Classic Collection - Genetic Counseling: Coping With The Human Impact Of Genetic Disease


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