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Untangling the Web of Alzheimer's Disease

Bringing us one step closer to a cure

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The extensive archives of Health Politics with Dr. Mike Magee, a popular weekly Internet-based electronic media program that explores complex issues of health care policy and public health, have been made available to Access Excellence. The topics and materials selected by AE's editors address National Science Education Standards and/or National Health Education Standards, are included in middle and high school science and health curricula, and are of particular relevance to middle and high school teachers and learners.

Untangling the Web of Alzheimer's Disease (6/17/2006)

Presentation transcript

Presentation video

Questions answered by this presentation:

  1. When did the scientific community first begin to focus on Alzheimer's disease?
  2. How much is spent on Alzheimer's research each year?
  3. How many people are affected by Alzheimer's disease?
  4. What area of the brain does this disease attack?
  5. Describe the first rule of caring for an Alzheimer's patient and explain why this it is so important.

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Links updated: 27 January 2009

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