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Tuberculosis (TB), once considered conquered and under control, has, in recent years, been striking increasing numbers of people. Worse, bacteria that are resistant to all available drugs cause some of these new cases.

The National Tuberculosis Center, an organization of physicians and health professionals, was formed to slow the spread of tuberculosis. These people are working to determine exactly how TB is spreading, identify the populations most at risk, and develop ways of slowing the disease.

One of the problems people at the National Tuberculosis Center have identified is that people under the age of 18 are among the most difficult to educate. These young people do not seem to understand the importance of TB testing. Also, even after TB has been diagnosed, they are the least likely to begin and continue taking their medicine. Health professionals would like your help planning a campaign to reach school age youth. They need help showing the importance of TB testing. They also need help convincing young people who have TB that taking their medicine is the only way to get well and not spread the disease to others.

Your task is to identify a specific target audience among people under the age of 18 and prepare a communication product which will help them to understand the risks of tuberculosis and the benefits of testing and/or following through on appropriate treatment.

You will spend the first three to four weeks of this project working on health, microbiology, mathematics, language arts and social studies knowledge and skills. During the last two to three weeks, you will apply that knowledge as you develop materials to teach some group of school age students something about tuberculosis, its cause and its cure.

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