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Citation   AE is listed as the "Biology Site of the Week" for its excellent resources for AP biology teachers.

Anthrotech: The WWW Virtual Library of Anthropology    

AE is part of the "Sites of the Week".

Cool Central  
Cool Central says AE is a "Cool Site of the Hour".

Copernicus Education Gateway  
For exceptional quality, content, and most of all value to the teachers who visiti our site, AE is a featured link.

Current Contents Connect   Following carefully structured evaluation criteria, our editors have created a link to AE from CC Connect.

 Cybersweep   AE was on "Cybersweep" radio feature.

Discovery Channel School   Kathy Schrocks' Guide for Educators: AE, is a site that puts biology teachers in touch with their colleagues, scientists and critical sources of new scientific information.

Education World   AE is an archive of favorite classroom activities submitted by high school biology and life science teachers. This resource is hard to resist including....

Exploratorium   Exploratorium gives AE a "Ten Cool Sites" award for putting high school biology teachers in touch with other teachers and scientists.

Food Navigator   "Best of Food Internet": AE is a site that has been selected from over 2,000 food industry websites according to three criteria: information content, design and ease of navigation.

Medsite Navigator    AE is an educational site of the week.

 Learning in Motion   A Learning in Motion's "Top Ten Selection": Access Excellence

NewHoo   AE is listed as a great place for biology science teacher. AE contains current science news items, teachers' exchange, science labs, and more.

Planet Science   AE was one of Planet Science's "Sites of the Day".

Science NetLinks   AE is approved for use in classrooms by Science NetLinks, created by the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

SciWeb   AE was awarded "Website of the week".

Scout Project   The Internet Scout Project has selected AE Graphics Gallery for inclusion in the Scout Report

Universe Today   AE is linked to a comprehensive directory of space links for educators, students and space buffs.
Category: General Science

Web Crawler   AE has been deemed an outstanding website by the WebCrawler Select Editorial Team.

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