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Take One Snail And Call Me In The Morning

by William Wells

Opiates such as morphine are often not enough. A sea snail and a tree frog may come to the rescue of those with intractable pain.

It was a challenging ski run but not unreasonable. Besides, there was a nice little jump at the end to look forward to. Unfortunately I never made it as far as the jump.

"At least you looked gnarly when you bit it," said my friend Aaron.

"It isn’t over until somebody loses an eye," was the cryptic comment from my friend Nicole, observing the arrival of the ski patrol as she sat in the chair lift above.

As the friendly ski-patrol man loaded me onto the stretcher, he asked where I lived. "San Francisco," I said. So far, so good. "And where do you live in San Francisco," he asked, trying to keep me alert. "The Mission district," I said. The ski-patrol man glanced at Aaron, who shook his head ruefully. One day I would live in the Mission, but not just yet. On went the oxygen mask.


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