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Sequences of Base Pairs Mapping


Illustration of the several conventions for mapping sequences of base pairs on a chromosome.

  • Genetic maps are representations of disease traits, physiological traits, or random genes assigned to particular chromosomes and mapped relative to one anothre. This model of a genetic map shows the location of 8 markers (called here A-H) along the chromosome. The triangle maps a small part of the chromosome in greater detail, as may be needed for an intensively studied partion. Distances in genetic maps are measured in centimorgans (cM, about 1 million base pairs).
  • Physical maps are not representations but overlapping collections of DNA fragments. DNA is snipped into fragments by the action of restriction enzymes, then cloned and stored in a variety of forms such as plasmids in bacteria or YACs in yeast. These tiny fragments (measured in kilobases, kb) may then be analyzed by various means to discover the base-by-base sequence of DNA.

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