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The Living Skeleton: Knee & Leg


Unlabeled Image


Labeled Image


Normal adult knee joint, anterior-posterior view.


Normal adult knee joint, composite view.


Tibial plateau fracture in an adult.


The tibial plateau fracture that is evident on an anterior-posterior view is subtle in the lateral view. This is one reason radiologists take views from multiple angles.

Total Knee

Total knee replacement


Tibia and fibula fractures in an adult followed by surgical fixation with an intermedullary rod.


As in this case, fibula fractures are usually not treated unless it involves the ankle joint. Typically intermedullary rods do not cause pain after the tibia is healed and are not removed.


Example of exostoses in the knee joint of a 15 year old. Multiple Hereditary Exostoses (bone outgrowth) is a genetic disease that causes bony outgrowths to appear near major joints such as the hip, knee and shoulder. The extra bone is painful when bumped and can interfere with normal joint development.

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