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Biotechnology Websites

  • Agricultural Biotechnology (USDA)
    Of special interest on this site is the Biotechnology Glossary and the Frequently Asked Questions on Biotechnology

  • Agriculture Network Information Center
    Search this extensive collection of articles related to domestic animals, plants, and food processing. In addition to searching the site you can browse such topics as animals, food, economics, ethics, environmental studies, and government, law and regulation and more.

  • Bio.be (Belgian Association for Bioindustries)
    "What is Biotechnology?" section of this site has descriptions and animations of the basic processes involved in biotechnology. In addition, applications of biotechnology, biotech timeline, glossary, and legislation and ethics pages provide information, background and context.

  • Bio-Link
    Bio-Link, a National Advanced Technology Education Center for Biotechnology, provides many quality resources for educators and students of biotechnology. A rich source of resources, Bio-Link includes a curriculum clearinghouse, online courses, virtual laboratory and employment opportunities among its many offerings.

  • Bio (Biotechnology Industry Organization)
    This site includes background papers describing food, agriculture, industrial and environmental applications of biotechnology.

  • Putting DNA to Work
    Putting DNA to Work looks at where DNA is found, similarities in the DNA of humans and other species, and how traits are inherited from one generation to the next. Learn how DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid), discovered 50 years ago, is used today to detect diseases, improve crops, and catch criminals. (NAS)

  • Iowa State Biotechnology Education Center
    This in-depth site includes educational, bioethics, research, and technology transfer resources from Iowa State University.

  • National Agricultural Biotechnology Council
    The National Agricultural Biotechnology Council provides people with differing viewpoints a neutral forum where they can come together and freely exchange ideas on the critical issues facing agricultural biotechnology.

  • National Centre for Biotechnology Education
    The NCBE, University of Reading in the United Kingdom, produces materials and resources to encourage biotechnology education. A selection of practical investigations devised at the Centre are available as Adobe Acrobat (PDF) files, which may be downloaded and printed for use in the classroom. In addition there are details of the Centre's inexpensive gel electrophoresis apparatus and other equipment designed especially for school use. Site also includes excellent list of education sites, reviews of books and materials, glossary, and much more.

  • The National Human Genome Research Institute(NHGRI)
    An extensive, user friendly, collection of resources related to the science of DNA and the Human Genome Project. Research, Health, and Policy & Ethics are all addressed in depth.

  • World Health Organization: Biotechnology (GM Foods)
    WHO provides background information and discusses studies on the history and safety of genetically modified foods.

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Last reviewed: 28 September 2009

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