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Cellular and Molecular Biology Web Sites

  • Baylor College of Medicine Search Launcher
    One of my favorite URLs. I find this very useful as a starting point for DNA and protein sequence analysis. (W. Barry Roth, '96 AE Fellow)

  • BBC Cell City
    This interactive, graphic analogy compares the features of a cell to features of a city. A click on the "establishments" link will take you to UK and US web sites dedicated to cell research and education.

  • Cellab
    The main Cellab program JC.EXE was written by John Walker and includes some rules by Rudy Rucker. Enjoy it, back at last, the fastest and best 2D cellular automata program ever written! The CelLab software and its support files are being distributed as public domain freeware. The Cellular Automata Laboratory text is distributed as shareware which remains under the copyright (C) 1997 Rudy Rucker and John Walker.

  • Cell Biology
    This MIT OpenCourseWare is free and open to all. Cell Biology, the biology of cells of higher organisms includes: the structure, function, and biosynthesis of cellular membranes and organelles; cell growth and oncogenic transformation; transport, receptors, and cell signaling; the cytoskeleton, the extracellular matrix, and cell movements; chromatin structure and RNA synthesis.

  • Cell Biology: Problem Sets and Tutorials
    Topics covered in these tutorials include cell membranes, cell signaling, introduction to cells, cell cycle and mitosis, meiosis, the cytoskeleton, and prokaryotes, Eukaryotes, viruses.

  • Cell & Molecular Biology Online
    "An Informational Resource for Cell and Molecular Biologists", this quality list of annotated links includes research, communication, and education (don't miss "Cool Bio Stuff" and the "recommended sites").

  • C. elegans movies
    A visual introduction to C. elegans and its development. This page has links to timelapse movies made by C. elegans researchers worldwide.

  • Flybase
    A comprehensive database for information on the genetics and molecular biology of Drosophila.

  • Inside the Cell
    Learn about the cell's brain and skeleton, cellular rush hour, and the death of a cell as you take a close-up tour of the processes occurring in our bodies. Find out about lysosomes (cell recycling centers and garbage trucks) and mitochondria (cell power plants). Read about cutting-edge cell biology research and techniques, which are featured in downloadable booklet (3.63 MB/84 pages). (NIGMS)

  • Molecular Biology Notebook Online - Beginners Guide to Molecular Biology
    This is one of many tools designed to help teach and learn molecular biology posted by The Molecular Biology Notebook Online.

  • Primer on Molecular Genetics (Department of Energy)
    This primer covers the basics of molecular genetics ranging from the structure of DNA and genes to techniques and strategies of mapping and sequencing the human genome. The primer also includes both a discussion of the impact of the Human Genome Project and a glossary.

  • Protein Explorer
    RasMol free software (Windows and Mac) that shows molecules in color and in 3D. Site contains teaching/learning materials for DNA, antibody antigen interactions, lipid bilayers, protein structure and much more.

  • The Visible Embryo
    Navigate through the 40 weeks of pregnancy and preview the unique changes in each stage of human development.

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Updated: 14 October 2009

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