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Chemistry Web Sites

  • American Chemical Society: Education
    This American Chemical Society site for teachers and students contains resources and links to resources for K-8, high school and beyond.

  • ChemCom Home Page
    This site contains a collection of teacher generated resources including supplemental worksheets, labs and lab revisions, demonstrations and projects.

  • Chem4Kids
    Basic information for anyone who is interested in basic chemistry. The site includes information on matter, atoms, elements, the periodic table, reactions, and biochemistry.

  • ChemTeam
    The ChemTeam has provides study resources in all standard topics for students in high school and Advanced Placement chemistry. It also has links to translations of many classic papers written by people made significant contributions to chemical science.

  • Chemistry ConcepTests
    ConcepTests, can be a valuable teaching and learning tool. They can also be useful when reviewing for a test.

  • Chemistry of Health
    You can read this 60 page booklet online or download it (26.8 MB .pdf file). "This science education booklet aims to offer a sampling of how basic chemistry and biochemistry research can spur a better understanding of human health."

  • ChemViz (Chemistry Visualization)
    This interactive chemistry program incorporates computational chemistry simulations and visualizations for use in the chemistry classroom and includes visualizations of atoms, molecules and atomic orbitals.

  • Elements with Biological Roles
    You begin with biologically active elements highlighted in a periodic table. From there you are linked to compounds and processes found in a number of databases.

  • Java applets -- Chemistry
    The database contains hundreds of activities demonstrating both basic and more advanced chemical principles that make use of sophisticated java, vrml and shockwave programs. A great resource!

  • Periodic Table of the Elements
    This table (and all information on this site) is available in five languages and includes the health and environmental information for significant elements. Go to their home page to select the language. Then, from the menu select Search --> Website overview --> Periodic Table.

  • Periodic Table of the Elements
    Posted by Los Alamos National Laboratory's Chemistry Division this resource for elementary, middle school, and high school students allows the viewer to click on each element for more information. Additional pages describe the Periodic Table, give tips on how to use it, and explain how elements are named.

  • Virtual Chemistry
    Related to this virtual chemistry course are a number of virtual chemistry labs.

  • Web Elements
    The WebElements includes "many pictures showing element structures and periodic properties."

  • The World Wide Web Virtual Library: Chemistry

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Updated: 14 October 2009

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