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Science News: Radio, Television and the Internet

  • EurekAlert!
    A comprehensive news server for up-to-date research in science, medicine, and technology. Whether you're interested in cancer treatments, gene mapping, global warming, or space probes, you will find the latest advances. Updated daily.

  • Genome News Network
    The Genome News Network (GNN) is an online, multimedia source of news about genome research, genomic medicine, agriculture, and related science policy from around the world.

  • NOVA
    Here you can check local listings of current NOVA programs, find lesson ideas and resources related to current and archived programs and view a RealVideo preview of selected programs.

  • Science Daily
    Updated several times a day with breaking news and feature articles, seven days a week, ScienceDaily covers discoveries in all fields of the physical, biological, earth and applied sciences. Stories are integrated with photographs and illustrations, links to journals and academic studies, related research and topics, encyclopedia articles, and videos.

  • Science Friday
    Each week, Science Friday focuses an educated, balanced discussion on science topics that are in the news. You can listen to the program online for free using streaming audio, or download many of the more recent segments as MP3 files.

  • Today's Health & Bioscience News
    Access Excellence links to reliable, up-to-the-minute, sources of health and bioscience news.

  • The WHY Files: The Science Behind the News
    The Why Files, a project of the National Institute for Science Education, is an electronic exploration of the science behind the news. Twice a month, a new feature on the science (and math, engineering, and technology) of everyday life is available -- from outer space to cellular biology, from dinosaurs and dragon lizards to the statistics of political polling.

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Updated: 15 October 2009

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