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Mathematics Websites

  • The Abacus
    Descriptions and instructions for using the Japanese, Chinese, and Aztec abacus. Best if your browser is version 3.0 or higher so you can take full advantage of the site.

  • College Math Prep for High School Students
    Multiple choice math problems designed to help high school students assess their readiness for college Math. Designed for students at the precalculus level, Math Lessons demonstrate the use of various basic mathematical concepts in real-life problems situations.

  • CoolMath.com
    Coolmath.com has games and activities for ages 13-100. Related CoolMath sites include CoolMath4Kids.com and FinanceFreak.com. There are pages for parents and for teachers; math games, math lessons, a math dictionary, and more.

  • OnlineConversion.com
    Need to convert units? This site will help you convert units of length, temperature, speed, volume, weight, cooking, area, fuel currency and many others. There is even a "miscellaneous" category for those conversions that do not fit other categories.

  • Geometry from the Land of the Incas
    An eclectic mix of sound, science, and Incan history intended to interest students in Euclidean geometry. The site includes geometry problems, proofs, quizzes, puzzles, quotations, scientific speculation, and more.

  • MathArchives
    Mathematics Archives provides organized Internet access to a wide variety of mathematical resources, including such teaching resources as educational software, laboratory notebooks, problem sets and lecture notes and reports on innovative methods of teaching. In addition, this site has a collection of links to other sites that are of interest to mathematicians.

  • Math Forum
    This has many resources for teachers, students and parents at all levels (K-12, college, and advanced mathematics) including class materials, puzzles, publications, graphics, and the very popular "Problem of the Week". Of special interest to science teachers is their extensive selection of applied mathematics links.

  • Math Playground
    This great interactive site helps make math fun. It has word problems and flash cards; math videos, math games, math flash cards and more. Although designed for 3rd through 5th graders, the material is also suitable for older students who want or need math enrichment, remediation, or a simply a chance to "play" with math.

  • Mancala Web Home Page
    Mancala games are among those ancient games that last and last because the rules to play are simple, but the subtleties of winning take a long time to master. This online Mancala is one version of these games, also called Kalaha. (Online versions are at the "idiot" and "novice" levels.)

  • Miscellaneous Mathematical Utilities
    This page contains links to useful mathematical utilities. The algorithms underlying these utilities come from the BLAS, EISPACK, and LINPACK collection of subprograms incorporating basic algorithms and programming techniques to optimize the routines for speed and accuracy. These utilities require that JavaScript be enabled in your browser.

  • National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
    The latest on the revision and implementation of math standards, information on relevant professional meetings, even a discussion of block scheduling, all can be found on the NCTM website.

  • Nick's Mathematical Puzzles
    A collection of geometry, probability, number theory, algebra, calculus, and logic puzzles. Hints are provided, along with answers, fully worked solutions, and links to related mathematical topics. Many of the puzzles are elementary in their statement, yet challenging.

  • The Population Clock
    A service of the US Census Bureau which let's you know what the population is in the US and the World. Be sure to check out their home page while you're there!

  • Powers of Ten
    Here is a great site for math and science teachers on the Powers of 10..... wonderful interactive photos!

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Updated: 15 October 2009

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