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Health and Science News in Print:

Web sites of magazines and newspapers featuring science and health news.

  • Discover Magazine
    Selected articles from each month's Discover Magazine are available at this site.

  • Horizon
    An electronic version of the monthly education section in the Washington Post. Each month it offers several features with links to external sites and past related articles and brain-teasing puzzles.

  • New York Times Health
    Health News from the New York Times.

  • Nature Magazine's Science Update
    News and features on the latest developments in scientific research tailored to the general reader. Articles are updated weekly.

  • Science News
    Articles and news briefs from this popular bi-weekly science magazine are available online.

  • Scientific American
    This prestigious magazine has joined the web! Many articles contain links to related information and further reading. Be sure to check out the "Ask the Experts" section!

  • Time Health and Science

  • USA Today: Health
    Headlines from the world of medicine, plus features that help individuals to lead healthier lives.

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Reviewed: 15 October 2009

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