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Resource Center Rubric

This rubric, created by Access Excellence Fellows and site users, reflects the vision of the Access Excellence community with respect to the kinds of resources they expect to see featured on the AE website. If you know a site which scores well on this rubric, please send your recommendation to [Contact us by email]. We are particularly interested in linking to sites which include one or more of the following.
  • Tools help the user create something original or accomplish a task.

  • Resources and references provide information.

  • Lessons, activities, and projects provide an active learning experience.

To score an application, each "Poor" rating gets 0 points, each "good" gets 1 point, and each "excellent gets 2 points, for a total of 20 possible points. Resources, references and tools are not rated on learner process; the score for these types of applications is weighted to yield a total possible score of 20 points. Sites whose primary function is to inform about specific products or services will not be considered.

  Desired Characteristics Excellent Good Poor
Format is User Friendly
Clear scope, easy to understand and use, includes appropriate, clearly labeled links.
Format is Aesthetically Courteous
Graphics are quickly downloaded and relevant, text is easy to read. Background is subdued and coordinates with text colors and graphics. Pages are current and properly linked.
Format is Aesthetically Appealing
Site is attractive, demonstrating creative use of graphics and colors
Content Content is Credible
Information is accurate, complete, and maintained. The site accurate, reliable, usable and well documented.
Content is Useful
Content is meaningful, difficult to convey, and/or quintessential
Content is Rich
Information is rich and likely to be revisited. The site invites collaboration among students, teachers.
Content is Interdisciplinary
Integrates several content areas or disciplines
Learner Process includes Higher-order Thinking
Challenges learners to think, reflect, discuss, hypothesize, compare,classify, etc.
Learner Process is Engaging
Process engages the learner.
Learner Process engages Multiple Intelligences or Talents
(language, math, intrapersonal, interpersonal, spatial, musical, physical)
Effectively integrates at least 3 intelligences or talents

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