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Websites Created by Students

Selected outstanding interactive student science and health sites. If you know of an exemplary student site, please send us the url and a few words about why you like the site. Thank you.

  • Amazing Orcas
    An interesting site dedicated to Orca whales and the students who want to learn more about them. A ThinkQuest Junior project.

  • Beauty and the Beast
    This site invites you to see the dual faces of Mother Nature in Hawaii as you investigate Natural Disasters, particiapte in interactive games in the "Nature Theme Park", and investigate past disasters and the legends surrounding them. a ThinkQuest Junior project.

  • Butterflies - on the wings of freedom
    Information, lessons, puzzles and games, this site is a great resource for teaching and learning about butterflies. A ThinkQuest project.

  • Disease Detective
    "This website's mission is to crack that mystery and show the world the power of EPIDEMIOLOGY. The visitors to our website can play Role Playing Games (RPG) to experience the job of an epidemiologist."

  • Life on the Rocky Shore
    Life on the Rocky Shore is about ocean tidepools. Visitor are invited to identify the tidepool animals, test themselves with puzzles and quizzes and learn about oceans and their animals.

  • Nutrition for Kids
    You can learn functions of nutrients, something about foods you should eat, find sample menus and take a quiz. A ThinkQuest Junior project.

  • Of Mind and Matter: Mysteries of the Human Brain
    A simple, enticing, and interactive resource that includes information about the anatomical, functional, and psychological aspects of the brain along with details about disorders and ongoing research.

  • ThinkQuest Library: Health and Safety
    The Health and Safety portion of the ThinkQuest Library features almost 700 innovative learning resources for students, by student teams from around the world.

  • What's Up Doc?
    Created by 4th and 5th grade students from Roosevelt School in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, this site contains information 'kid illnesses and injuries' and includes sections about health, hospitals, and health care workers. Plus, there are lots of fun activities. This team of students thinks that learning how to stay healthy is really important!

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Updated: 15 October 2009

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