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Teacher's Websites

These sites have been created by teachers for their own and other students, fellow teachers, and others who want to teach and learn biology.

  • Amazing Biology Teacher Resources
    This site is designed to provide high school and middle school science teachers access to the materials and resources that collected by the author, Nancy Clark, during her 37 years of teaching. Some of the materials are of her own design, but many are "borrowed from others and refined" for her use.

  • Biology Corner
    Developed by an experienced biology teacher as a way of organizing her own reseources, Biology Corner contains a variety of lessons, quizzes, labs, web quests, and information on science topics for biology and chemistry teachers.

  • Biology Junction
    Cheryl Massengale's website contains a wealth of resources for biology teachers and students including such things as note-taking, how to succeed in biology, how to fail in biology, information about learning styles, writing abstracts and lab reports as well as many other resources.

  • BiologyMad
    Biology Mad was originally designed for students studying A level Biology (AQA Spec. A). It includes resources for study of human biology, plant biology, genetics, cells, biochemistry, and ecosystems and the environment.

  • Chris Halloran's Biology Web Page
    The syllabi for AP Biology and High School Biology on this site are constructed with links which access online text readings, lecture outlines, interactive activities, tutorials, practice quizzes and more. A great resource!

  • Cody's Science Education Zone
    This site, the work of an Oakland, CA science teacher, features a variety of science lessons, and an active online collaborative teacher research project, focusing on Science instruction using an inquiry approach.

  • Collecting Fossils in California
    Describes fossil collecting sites in California for amateur fossil "hunters", science students or anybody interested in the ancient mystery of live. Includes detailed fossil hunging instructions.

  • English for Biotechnology
    Written in English for German students, each lesson has an interactive assignment, along with related biotech, graphic and grammar links. A valuable set of resources for ALL students, especially those learning English as a second language.

  • Explore Biology
    Designed for Kim Foglia's biology classes and as a way of sharing her collection of resources with other Biology teachers, this site contains many classroom tested resources including some that specifically address the New York State Regent's Exam.

  • Michael J. V. Lazaroff
    A great resource for both teachers and students. The Biology link leads you to online practice quizzes, tutorials and much more. Anatomy takes you to interactive anatomy and physiology sites and a great tutorial on "How to Use a Microscope".

  • HabitatNet Dan Bisaccio's Souhegan High School students,
    in conjunction with the Smithsonian Institute's Man & Biosphere Permanent Biodiversity Monitoring Project, have been conducting a biodiversity assessment of local conservation lands.

  • Miss Baker's Biology Class
    This site, maintained Ms. Baker and her biology students includes their internationally recognized Extreme Biology, a blog about "anything biology-related."

    Developed by a biology teacher at Harrogate Ladies College in North Yorkshire this website was begun as a collection of useful links for teachers and pupils.

  • Project SETI
    James Petrait's Project SETI provides a formal way for your students to send messages into the universe for possible reception by extra-terrestrial intelligences. Check out the site for details.

  • zeroBio
    This site is fun, easy to look at and invites students to test their knowledge at their current level of study or another level. Many resources of value to both students and teachers.

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Updated: 24 November 2009


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